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Open, restart or shut down a pc using Wake On LAN Ex

Planned in light of usability, the interface is perfect and natural for a client. Its appearance is completely adjustable, as you can change the topic and the toolbar style. Wake On LAN Ex in addition to this, the configuration settings can optionally be put away in the application catalog. Which makes the program compact and perfect with any removable gadget.

The default ‘enchantment parcel’ that Wake On LAN Ex makes incorporates a message, yet you can likewise log-off, restart or shutdown the objective PC remotely. Or even send it arrange messages (utilizing the ‘Net Send’ or the ‘MailSlot’ order) or custom instructions, for example, propelling an application.

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The application can likewise ping the recognized workstations, empowering you to configure the ping time interim, the con-current strings number and the break.

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This shows the name, IP address, MAC ID, the port, status, general notes, communicate address and other information about the discovered system connectors, which you can alter with only a couple of snaps. Along these lines, the auto-ping highlight can be initiated. You can have the objective PC show notifications on status change or shutdown when a blunder is activated.

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