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Townscaper cracked

Townscaper Cracked for PC Free Download Repack Full Version with crack from InstantDown – Townscaper is a building simulation game sandbox.

I actually really like Townscaper so far.
I am the dungeon master of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. My first project with this, after being told about it on a DM-Only facebook page, was to build one of the cities which my players have been in for a long time. It was interesting to be able to put what has been in my mind into a 3D format that was easy to navigate and overlook.
Some things I wish will come in the future of Townscaper, speaking as someone who will primarily use it for Dungeons and Dragons:

Change of theme. While the current look and feel of the buildings is very neutral, I would love to see the ability to alter the look of the buildings any way one desires (medieval, futuristic, post-apocalyptic, etc.)

Features for Townscaper Cracked:

  • Walls. In order to make a wall around the city I build, I had to spend some of the limited building space we’re provided in order to make a very clunky looking border on the outside. That wasn’t overall a problem, but then when I wanted to make a gated community within, I had to do the same thing and it just didn’t look very nice.
  • -Terrain. Being limited to two or three different types of terrain (water, stone brick, grass) is, well, limiting. Especially when the only way to get grass/park area is to build a closed off area. There were times I wanted to build archways leading into the park, but as soon as I connected the outside and inside, the grass turned back to stone brick.
  • -Flexible inclines. In townscaper while building my city I wanted a raised area. The way it is done currently it seems almost random when staircases and other methods to get to the raised area show up, and often looks a little unnatural. I would love to see incline blocks in the future that can help create a more natural looking incline.

-Basic Grid. While I adore the way the grid is, in that it’s complex and doesn’t adhere to unrealistic organisation of buildings, I would like the choice to switch between grid types. Hell, even starting off with a basic grid and possibly being able to “warp” the grid with a tool may be a lot of fun to play with.

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-Larger play area. I ran out of space eventually which, if I wanted to build a full kingdom-sized city, would be difficult.

-Miscellaneous. I want to have a mountain near my city. I imagine this is asking a lot, but hey, the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

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