Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction Cracked PC [RePack]

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction crack

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction Cracked PC Free Download Repack Full Game with crack key from InstantDown – Extraction is a tactical shooter genre.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction description:

So, Rainbow Six Extraction is a cooperative multiplayer game that can support up to three players. In Extraction, the operators must infiltrate an alien-infested location and complete objectives, such as collecting samples, extracting materials from computers, and gathering intel. Each play session, known as an “incursion”. Is made up of three interconnceted sub-maps. You and players will be assigned any one of the twelve objectives randomly in each sub-map.

Also the location of the objectives and the placement of enemies are procedurally generated. Once the player secured their objective, they can choose to extract themselves, or explore the next sub-map. New area would be more difficult than the previous one, but players would receive more rewards by completing them successfully.

Extracting early ensures that all the operators would be safe. If an operator is taken down by enemy, they will become missing in action, and players cannot play as them until they have rescued them in an extraction mission. Characters which are severely injured in the previous mission will also remain hurt and will only recover slowly…


  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 3.2 GHz or AMD Ryzen 3 1200 3.1 GHz.
  • RAM: 8 GB.
  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit.
  • VIDEO CARD: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 4GB or AMD Radeon R9 290X 4GB.
  • PIXEL SHADER: 5.1.

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