Shapik The Moon Quest Cracked Full [ RePack ]

Shapik The Moon Quest Cracked

Shapik The Moon Quest Cracked PC Free Download Repack Full Version with crack key from InstantDown. Shapik The Moon Quest is a point & click adventure game.

SHAPIK: The Moon Quest is a handicraft quest. The story is told without a single word using only remarkable animations and exciting music.

Features for Shapik The Moon Quest Cracked:

  • +Overall a fun experience.
  • +The hand-drawn artwork is really quite something to look at. There are a lot of details if you choose to look closely. The animations are done rather well also.
  • +Music is pretty nice to listen to.
  • +Really nice hint system that is designed to give as little spoilers as possible but still hold your hand through all of the puzzle components that you may not be able to think through. (The puzzles themselves are quite easy, but some times you just need a little extra boost if your brain juices got squeezed too much doing something else.)
  • +I personally thought the puzzles were fun, though as I already mentioned, some people may think them to be too easy.

Backgrounds and characters were drawn by hand. You will find very many seemingly inconspicuous details. Just stop and take a closer look.

In this story you will not find a single text line. The whole story is told using animated “bubble thoughts”.

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Our music maker composed atmospheric music to make you feel all the twists and turns and exciting moments of the plot. Listen up when you’re tired of exploring locations.

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