RESIDENT EVIL 8 has been cracked already

Resident Evil 8 Village available via both official and illegaly 6545

Although we are talking about a DRM-free title, RESIDENT EVIL 8 is already cracked and available for download from some shady sources in repacked versions. Even more, DENUVO DRM protection version of the game (which has roughly 100 GB, about twice the size of the compressed versions) has leaked online as well.

RESIDENT EVIL 8 is finally available and everyone seems excited about it. As usual, with great hopes come great disappointments as well. But nothing seems really wrong with this title yet. On the other hand 8 is less favorable reviews get instantly burned to the ground by hordes of fans. We cannot tell if all these angry Resident Evil Village fans have bought the game, but it is certain that at least some of those who are playing the game today obtained it via “less official” channels.

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine has released a feature for the upcoming Xbox Series X, PS5 and PC game, Resident Evil Village.

Some in-game features

  • A key member of the Resident Evil online community, Alex Aniel, translated the main dishes from game producers Tsuyoshi Kanda and Peter Fabiano. Below are some light spoilers, so look now if you want to get into the game as fresh as possible.
  • The weekly issue of Famitsu (10/29) contains some new information about Resident Evil: Village. Details translated into English in this thread:
  • Through the translated thread, Famitsu confirms that Chris Redfield is responsible for bringing Ethan Winters to the titular village. Resident Evil 8 is installed. Ethan is here – apparently against his will – after some time has passed.

A cult-like sect of villagers is apparently featured in the game and uses the use of “dangerous creatures” to protect them. The game needs to not crack since it is a DENUVO.

There is what looks like a merchant in a trench coat – classic! – who will sell items to Ethan on his journey through the scary scenery. Ethan’s life “will depend, in a way, on this character.”

Dangerous, werewolf-like creatures seen in the recent review (below) do not communicate with language, but apparently have a kind of “package mentality” and can use weapons. Just to make them especially deadly, then.

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