Metaverse Games List and Blockchain Crypto Projects

Metaverse games list

Metaverse with gaming and NFT are probably the most intriguing areas at present driving the absolute most thrilling innovations in the blockchain space and then some. To assist with supporting these two thriving spaces, NEAR and the collaborating VCs will put up to $100 million in Roblox gaming and metaverse crypto projects building on our blockchain. Furthermore, our responsibility doesn’t stop there, as we intend to keep on supporting their development after some time.

Complete Metaverse Games List:

  • Simple Resort by EnergyDustin
  • Tiny’s Difficult Chart Obby Remastered by TinyGeckoWasTaken
  • Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands by TwentyTwoPilots
  • Seaboard City RP by Kasius
  • Innovation Arctic Base by Innovation Inc.
  • Muscle Buster by Spiel Mit Mir
  • My Droplets by Fullflower Studio
  • Grandma’s House Obby by Packstabber Obbys
  • Creatures of Sonaria by Sonar Studios
  • Daycare 2 (Story) by Parwaz Studio
  • God’s Island by Tblox Studios
  • Club Roblox by Block Evolution Studios
  • Pilfering Pirates by LawIR
  • Roblox High School 2 which is created by Roblox High School: Fan Club
  • Free Admin by Creator Studio
  • Tradelands by Nahr_Nahrstein
  • Horse Valley by SirMing
  • SharkBite by Abracadabra
  • Unicorn Obby World by Galore Studios
  • Disaster Island which is created by Disaster Island Development Team
  • Admin House New by Power User
  • Minery 2 by AlgyLaceyRBLX (twitter)
  • Ufo Tycoon by Paragon
  • Egg Hunt 2021: Enchanted Eggos by ScepticLemon
  • BIGFOOT! By Fm_Trick
  • Banana Eats by RyCitrus
  • Arcade Island 2: Roblox Arcade which is created by BeastyBlake101
  • Tower Heroes by Pixel-bit Studio
  • Egg Simulator by wravager
  • Overlook Bay by Wonder Works Studio
  • Slipblox 2 by WhatAGame
  • Rage Runner by Captain Grumpy Games
  • Azure Mines by bereza12 (twitter)
  • Invisible Beast by Frost Pixel Studio
  • Fairytale by Team Fairytale
  • Super Striker League by Cinder Studio
  • Travel To Unicorn Island Obby by Green Lab
  • The Day the Noobs Took Over Roblox 2 which is created by cloakedyoshi
  • Destined to Fail by Team Conflict
  • Bloxy Bingo by Bloxy Bingo
  • INCOGNITO by Bobogijoe
  • Find the Square! By MasterDaniel
  • Super Power Fighting Simulator by GamesReborn
  • Teddi by FutureWeb Games
  • Burger Bay by Bricksmith Studio
  • Bloxymon by The Gang Stockhol
  • Survive the Killer! by Slyce Entertainment
  • Toy Defenders by Toy Defenders
  • Waterpark Oceanic by Simulation Games
  • Specter by Lithium Labs
  • Melee Simulator by Novelty Games
  • Pet Ranch Simulator 2 by Albatross Studio
  • Portal Rush by Prismatic Games
  • Marble Mania by moonbeam
  • GOD TYCOON by Angelworks
  • Katana Simulator by Paragon
  • Kitty by GabStudio
  • Epic Miniexperiences by TypicalType


Top Metaverse Crypto Coins Projects

Axie Infinity


Enjin Coin

The Sandbox


UFO Gaming

Star Atlas

Wilder World

Ethernity Chain

These are some gamining related crypto projects with big BIG future!

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