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Advancity Cracked

Advancity Cracked PC Free Download Repack Full Version with crack key from InstantDown. Advancity is a strategy simulation game.

Run an empire in this simple and enjoyable city builder strategy management game. Build, research, train, battle, upgrade, expand, and sail, all while managing your citizens and resources. Advancity focuses on fun and progression.

Features for Advancity Cracked:

  • Build houses, public locations, and manage your citizens.
  • Construct machines for mining, smelting, and more.
  • Assign scientists to research and discover new technologies and advancements.
  • Train soldiers and go on strategic battles with monster camps and bases.
  • Upgrade your buildings and army as you progress.
  • Explore and battle in new lands for more spots to build, mining nodes, monsters, and more.

Build homes for citizens, construct machines and research new technologies. Train soldiers for strategic battles against enemy camps and bases. Expand your empire by sending ships to conquer more land on new islands.

Advancity focuses on fun and progression. There is always something to do without having to wait around. This casual game is simple and easy to understand with no steep learning curve. Advancity is sure to be enjoyed by anyone!

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“Barely scratching the surface here but it’s rather fascinating watching this experience unfold. It’s an interesting game and it takes patience to create beauty but it can easily be done.

The description of the game explains the game to a T but it’s exactly that and more. I like it , I am yet to make a federal structure or sail among the boys in the sea but it’s just a matter of time!”

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